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The BINGPOT! Origin Story


As a broadcasting student at Humber College in 2016, Danny Mags couldn't find a trivia night he liked, so he started his own! Danny started running BINGPOT! trivia nights for students at the campus pub. Years later, BINGPOT! has traveled all over Canada. We’ve entertained thousands, and built thriving communities around the different venues we’ve worked with.

How did we get here?


Highly Visual.
Highly Entertaining.


How many times have you been to a trivia night where it just feels like somebody reading questions?

We pride ourselves on bringing high energy, dynamic hosts to every event. The show leans heavily on visual elements. Our questions are designed to make you laugh (or roll your eyes) while also challenging your knowledge of pop culture, high school science, culinary arts, and everything in between!

Our typical shows run five rounds, including a photo round, general knowledge/pop culture, riffs on different game shows, absurd 50/50 questions, and a super sweet music round!

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Meet Danny Mags😎 

Before BINGPOT!, Danny Mags accidentally became one of the most recognizable faces for millennials in Canada. 

“Canadian famous” for his role as EDWIN VENTURI on Family Channel’s mega popular LIFE WITH DEREK (although he has a bit more facial hair these days), Danny Mags has spent the last 7 years honing his craft as a broadcaster and host. 

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He graduated from the legendary Radio Humber broadcast program in Toronto (other alums include George Stromboulopoulous, Edge [WWE], and Roz Weston [Roz and Mocha]) He has been a major market radio host, dabbled in Twitch streaming, and been performing live for years. 

Danny is a high-energy wrecking ball that can inject a spark into any room. He's traveled coast-to-coast soaking up knowledge and is ready to throw you a combination of questions that will frustrate and delight you! You might not know exactly what to expect, but with Danny Mags, you can be sure that it's never a dull moment 😉


pictured: an example of what the yutes call a "glow up"

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