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Equal parts pub quiz and live game-show, BINGPOT! was founded in 2016 at Humber College. The game consists of 5 rounds, from a picture page to the musical BINGPOT! JAMPOT and many things in between. Questions range from pop culture to sports, history to culinary arts, and much more. With a fiercely loyal following that prides itself on always including more, BINGPOT! Trivia is a proven way to increase bar traffic. It's perfect during the slower nights of the week, or to serve as a casual warm up before busy club nights. Let the BINGPOT! team help build more regulars and keep your space thriving!


The BINGPOT! Origin Story -
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DANNY MAGS - Toronto, ON

A bonafide entertainer of over 20 years, Danny Mags has worked as an actor, writer, radio announcer, and live events host in addition to much more. Danny first stared playing trivia in Vancouver with the original BINGPOT! crew, and decided to spread the same sense of community when he returned to Toronto. A natural performer, Danny Mags will make sure nobody leaves the room without a smile.